COMPEGENCE, with its systemic approach, distills the opportunities and complexities together, towards evaluating, enabling, and maturing the Information Excellence Foundation for your organization. Helping Create "Information Advantage" for your enterprise.

So you can stay focused on the business priorities and realize the business goals and opportunities.

Compegence helps you

  • Achieve Business Excellence with Process, Data and Domain Driven Information Architecture Maturity.
  • Speed up cycles of business monitoring and decision making, yield a more responsive, flexible management approach (Tom Davenport)
  • Move your focus from Tools, Technologies, Platforms, Development teams, Deployments to managing your core business
  • Providing the optimized the best in class integrated, hosted service
  • Start Competing with Information Excellence and Insights 

We do this by

  • Mapping your Business Process to the Information Value Chain
  • Eliminating Information Overload, while managing the Data Overload
  • Moving your organization to Exception Based Management Framework
  • Leveraging our expertise across the complete Spectrum
  • Complementing your existing team and investments with our Model