customer voice

Executive Briefing in Analytics and Data Mining for Senior Managers:
“Good Program for giving confidence in Analytics discussion with customers and external forums”
“One of the finest domain based session I attended. Looking forward to more. All speakers were very knowledgeable and experienced”
“It enabled me to have a clear understanding of analytics, it sub areas and broadly where each one could be employed”
“The workshop helped me understand how to nurture and grow competency”
“Very knowledgeable faculty; Focus on business problem and then techniques”
“Begin Your Analytics Journey only after this workshop”
“Definitely go for it, if you want to get a high level view of this space”
“Recommend that every manager attend this workshop”
“Sessions were really insightful and interesting”
Hadoop Training Workshops:
"Consultation background and Flexibility of Trainers to accommodate our specific needs meant real world problems were solved. Code examples over our domain data greatly helped us to understand how to approach our own systems" Advt Targeting Team Lead with an Internet Giant in Europe

"The Hadoop workshop was really great, very knowledgeable and very effective in terms of the material that was covered" Media planning team member, Internet Company

"Huge Knowledge of the trainers, Good Course, very thorough, plenty of practical examples". It covered solutions to problems encountered in my project" Solution Architect from an Internet Company in Europe

"Good Pace; Variety of examples and practical tasks, wide knowledge shared, reference materials provided" Search engine Professional from an Internet Giant in Europe
"Comparing traditional and grid systems is very nice and useful" Hadoop Team Lead with an MNC in Bangalore
"Excellent sessions with lots of hands on" Senior Hadoop Lead with an Internet MNC in Bangalore
"The training was really great, very knowledgeable and very effective in terms of the material" Senior Ad Tracking Professional from an Internet Giant in Europe
Analytics Training Workshop:
"Best understanding of the Analytics Domain. Would Help in building various solutions" Senior Data Professional with Internet and Big Data Consulting Company

"Got good understanding about the complex topics. Many concepts can be used to increase product effectiveness" Product Architect from a text analytics focused service provider
"It was focused, touched upon a lot of things. Gave an overview & insight into different alternatives. Provides a platform to start off" Big Data Analytics Pro with niche consulting company
"Real strong background and knowledge", "Comprehensive and Adaptive" Multiple Participants from a Data and Analytics focused consulting player
"Very Good Practical examples and instances" "Good presentation, Keep the audience attracted" Lead Architects from analytics based service provider

"Highly Responsive", "Excellent, Great workshop "Senior Management (CXO member) of the Big Data Analytics firm
COMPEGENCE Advisory and Consulting:
"COMPEGENCE helped us put together the right information excellence roadmap, in synch with our business needs and objectives", Head of a mid sized business services company
"The clarity of thought brought in by the "dimensions of business performance" has redefined out way of thinking about the business dashboards", Head of BI for a large media business

"As our Information Excellence Technology Advisor, COMPEGENCE has helped us make the right and timely decisions"

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