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We create COMPEtitive IntelliGENCE through Information Advantage, for your business. 

We help enterprises accelerate the "Business Decision Lifecycle" and navigate the difficult but essential "Competing with Analytics Journey".

We bring deep expertise in the “Decision Intelligence Lifecycle”. It starts with an understanding of the Business Acumen and Business Processes. It includes Data Ingestion, Data Integration, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Mining, Text Mining, Big Data and Process Excellence. It extends to include deep data / text / audio / video mining expertise along with the capability to handle high volume high velocity data streams.

This spectrum of combined expertise (Business Acumen + Process + Data + Domain + Technology) is vital and essential to navigate the “Competing with Analytics Journey” and to frame your Decision Questions right based on your Data and Business Decision Life cycle.

COMPEGENCE "Information Advantage Framework" incorporates this unique approach in the solution methodology.
We complement your Information Excellence Journey with
  • Managed Data-BI-Analytics Services
  • Real Time Information Advantage Solutions
  • Advisory Service (Business Metrics, Architecture, Assessment, Roadmap)
  • Competency and Practice Building
We provide jump start capabilities with
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence journey
  • Competing with Analytics journey
  • Big Data and Data Lake adoption
  • Real time decision intelligence solutions
  • Self Service and Exploratory Analysis


COMPEGENCE partnerships include SAP HANA, HortonWorks, Denodo technologies, Aiaioo Labs, among others.

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