Our Offerings cover the Process and Information spectrum; with an end goal driven approach.
The offerings include:
Managed Services: Analytics, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data
  • Managed Services for Data to Decision Lifecycle
  • Dedicated Team with expert SME backing
  • Data: ETL, Data Modeling, Reconciliation, Analytical Data Marts
  • BI: Adhoc Queries, Exploratory Analysis, Dashboards, Visualizations, MIS & Reporting
  • Analytics: Analytical Data Marts, Modeling, Validation, Deployment
  • Big Data: Hadoop,Map Reduce, PIG, HIVE, HBASE, Data Lake
  • Enterprise Common Information Architecture Framework
Information Advantage Solutions and Products
  • End to end integrated information products and solutions
  • From Data Ingestion to Integration to Analytics to Rich Interactive UI
  • Concept Definition to Development, Deployment and Managed Solutions
Architecture Services
  • Business Process and Business Systems Architecture
  • Systemic view: Process, Systems, Applications and Data
  • Business Systems Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Architecture (DW/BI/Analytical Data Foundation)
  • Architecting for Big Data Explosion (TeraBytes+)
  • Enterprise Common Information Architecture Framework
Business Excellence Services
  • Capturing Dimensions of Business Performance
  • Translating Business Goals and Priorities to KPIs and Metrics
  • Map KPIs and Metrics through the Process Lifecycle Owners
  • Enable Exception based Management Framework
  • Iterative, Incremental approach with DMAIC framework
  • Customer Lifecycle and Customer Centric Business Decision Lifecycle
Assessment and Audit
  • Current State Assessment and Future State recommendations
  • Technology and Systems Assessment
  • Information Maturity Model Assessment
  • Data and Information Life cycle Audit
  • Information Excellence Maturity Audit

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