Creating and Managing an effective Business Intelligence Solution calls for highly specialized and multi-faceted team.


It easily needs a team that includes a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, ETL (Data Integration) specialist, reporting Specialist, Data Modeler and some more. If you like to embark on the analytics journey, that calls for additional expertise and resources for Analytical ETL and Analytical modeling.


Add to that the seemingly simple emerging technologies landscape (Self-service BI, Self-generating ETL, Schema-less Databases, Data Lakes and more), it is very easy to rapidly create a set of tools and technologies that will start growing to get ready to blow up.


COMPEGENCE team offers 100% managed BI and Analytics as a service, maintained on premise or on cloud, remotely managing and delivering the BI and Analytics over secure network.


Value Proposition: A typical 6 member team with project management and all the associated challenges are now translated into a simple and seamless engagement. With the initial BI outcomes delivered within 45th to 60th day, while the agile build for maturity continues.

Our “Managed BI Service” is both time and cost effective, and brings in the on-demand expertise of the SME team with deep expertise and breadth of experience.


Our managed service starts right at the foundation, with the source systems, creating a “Trusted Data Foundation”, with the emphasis and focus on the Business Metrics, Dimensions, Data Granularity, Conformance of the Measures and Time Snapshots.


It then progresses to provide the requisite dashboards, reports, analysis and optional analytics. It also offers integrated analytical capabilities and exploratory analysis features. We accommodate and include other things that are relevant for the business decision making. All this with the continued operations of the underlying Trusted Data Foundation with daily or hourly (or even shorter load cycles or true real time) as may be business case.


One of our clients has this to say, for the value add benefit we have created as their “Trusted Partner”, managing the BI.


COMPEGENCE clearly has the competence to build the complex analytics we need to intelligently grow our business. Their ability to process a full range of metrics enables us to answer critical business questions in real-time. We now count on Compegence as our partners in the our growth journey


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