ForeWarn TAPs the business Trends, Anomalies and Patterns in Real time.


It is a proactive and pre-emptive solution that moves the decision making into real time

  • Providing Early Warnings mechanism for Opportunities, Threats & Risks
  • Helps Detect and Manage Emerging (unknown) Risks & Opportunities
  • Gifts time to Business Analysts, by shrinking their “discover” and “search” time
  • So the analysts can focus on managing the business and making the decisions



  • Accelerates the ‘Decision Velocity’ to Real Time with TAP Engine
  • Singularly addresses multiple scenarios of Patterns, Anomalies, Trends, Fraud and Risks; thereby providing huge simplification and value proposition
  • Creates Business Value, by changing reactive postmortem analysis to proactive and preventive decisions.
  • Increased business analyst productivity; 80% of the time spent in detecting a potential risk and fraud instance is gifted back to Analysts for preventive actions and proactive measures



  • Real Time CDR Derivation from the Network Probe on Telco switch through SS7 protocols
  • High Velocity Data Ingestion, Data Processing and Data Decoding
  • Real Time Analysis, Analytics and Alerting and Interactive Dashboards
  • Rich usability features such as “one click analyst action” and “contextual drilldown”
  • 100% Native HANA Application (Great Performance); Hadoop Data Lake Interface
  • Self Learning Engine powered by Analytics aided by Analyst Intuition

COMPEGENCE provides focused practice development and competency development to the enterprises, in the areas of Information Advantage. Jumpstarting with the help of COMPEGENCE team has saved on time and effort and missed opportunities for many companies.


Our Competency and Practice Building services include:


  • Solution Architecture program for the customers
  • Architecture Competency program for Tech Leads
  • Big Data Practice building
  • Analytics Practice Building
  • Visualization and Data Analysis for Business Leaders


Case: Large Global Internet Giant: How do we adopt Big Data to address data overload and effective usage of web logs for local advertisement optimization

COMPEGENCE Jumpstart: Comprehensive BIG Data Workshop to the global team of SMEs in India and Europe. Problem Formulation, Solution Demonstration and POC as part of the Workshop with live data.


Case: MNC Client Priority: We need to move from “ETL and Reporting” to Business Intelligence and Analytics Competency. The goal was for IT to be able to effectively support Business with “Business Intelligence” (not just Report Delivery)

COMPEGENCE Jumpstart: COMPEGENCE defined a comprehensive workshop focused on “ToolSet + SkillSet + DataSet + Mindset” approach. The workshop, for the experienced intact team, started with enabling the Business Acumen thinking. It addressed the Data foundations, KPIs and Metrics, “Goal of the Role”, Data to Decision Lifecycle.


Case: Global Services Leader: Limitations in capability and number of BI Solution Architects is leading to lost opportunity and sub-optimal benefits to our clients. We need to bridge the gap.

COMPEGENCE Jumpstart: A comprehensive “Process + Data + Domain + Technology” driven Solution Architecture workshop offered remotely to globally distributed targeted practitioners, helping bridge the skillset + mindset gap. Many of the participants were able to create new client opportunities for the company, at their client locations, within the workshop period that spanned over 6 weeks! An ROI par excellence!


COMPEGENCE addresses real need of the businesses: Creating “COMPEtitive intelliGENCE”, by enabling enterprises with “Real Time Information Advantage”. 


This is addressed by aplying the integrated methodology that includes the spectrum of “Business Acumen + Process + Data + Domain + Technology” towards a complete solution.


ForeWarn provides real time detection of Trends, Anomalies and Patterns. It provides the early warning mechanism for the business Opportunities, Risks and Threats. With integrated high velocity stream processing with sub-second throughput coupled with big-data lake capabilities. This can be applied in any business context including e-Commerce, Logistics, Payments, Retail, Supply-Chain, Telecom and others.


PreSense provides early detection of underlying sentiments and perceptions (that are often masked or hidden until it is too late), on high priority engagements and initiatives. It consists of powerful NLP and text mining capabilities that acts on the crm content, social media, documents and emails and any other unstructured content.


InfoGrain provides deep sense data intelligence ingredients that are essential to monitor the health of the business in the context of the local and global macroeconomic variables. It helps enrich the Analytical capabilities with augmented information units essential for enhancing the prediction capabilities.


ProAlert provides real time business alerts in real time, with sub-second response times, based on preconfigured thresholds of usage or spend. Ideal in the context of time sensitive spends and responses across business domains.


COMPEGENCE also offers fully managed BI Services as well as CXO advisory in the “Information Advantage journey” of the enterprises.



Our Advisory services span across domains and verticals, they include:


  • Dimensions of Business Performance for the business
  • KPIs and Metrics for the top two layer of the organization
  • SME Advisory, Architecture, Validation and Roadmap
  • Data and Information Life Cycle Audit
  • Current state assessment and risk and health scoring
  • Future state architecture alternatives, recommendations and roadmap


State Intelligence Agency: Current State Assessment and Recommendations for the Large Consulting engagement given to Global Consulting Majors, focused on social threat intelligence and analytics

COMPEGENCE Jumpstart: Translated business needs into technology solutions; realigned the focus from tool and stack architecture to Solution and Information Architecture and brought out the Life Cycle approach to the solution. Eliminated wasteful effort by realigning the project focus to the Business Purpose”.


Large US Banking Major, with 90+ Business Units: Architecture framework for real time compliance, towards minimizing the compliance violations while retaining and leveraging the existing Technology investments

COMPEGENCE Jumpstart: Translate the 2 slider architectural vision from the CTO office to a deployable architecture recommendation, meeting the business requirements.


Large Public Sector Enterprise: eCommerce Business Model and Solution frame-work for the PSU, to help expand into newer emerging areas of the business.

COMPEGENCE Jumpstart: Explore, evaluate, analyze and present the Business Model validations with solution architecture and roadmap recommendations to the senior Management and the Board of the Public Sector enterprise. Deep dive mentoring and advisory to help the Executive team understand the decision considerations and evaluation factors.


High Growth Startup: Validate the internally proposed Big Data Architecture, to address the growth and scalability needs. Specific request to validate if the proposed architecture is implementation feasible.

COMPEGENCE Jumpstart: Recommended a modified architecture with phased roadmap, to meet the planned growth and envisaged business requirements of the business. Showcased the limitations in the internally proposed architecture with a use-case pilot and articulated the architectural considerations in the recommended architecture. This created internal buy in.


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