COMPEGENCE addresses real need of the businesses: Creating “COMPEtitive intelliGENCE”, by enabling enterprises with “Real Time Information Advantage”. 


This is addressed by aplying the integrated methodology that includes the spectrum of “Business Acumen + Process + Data + Domain + Technology” towards a complete solution.


ForeWarn provides real time detection of Trends, Anomalies and Patterns. It provides the early warning mechanism for the business Opportunities, Risks and Threats. With integrated high velocity stream processing with sub-second throughput coupled with big-data lake capabilities. This can be applied in any business context including e-Commerce, Logistics, Payments, Retail, Supply-Chain, Telecom and others.


PreSense provides early detection of underlying sentiments and perceptions (that are often masked or hidden until it is too late), on high priority engagements and initiatives. It consists of powerful NLP and text mining capabilities that acts on the crm content, social media, documents and emails and any other unstructured content.


InfoGrain provides deep sense data intelligence ingredients that are essential to monitor the health of the business in the context of the local and global macroeconomic variables. It helps enrich the Analytical capabilities with augmented information units essential for enhancing the prediction capabilities.


ProAlert provides real time business alerts in real time, with sub-second response times, based on preconfigured thresholds of usage or spend. Ideal in the context of time sensitive spends and responses across business domains.


COMPEGENCE also offers fully managed BI Services as well as CXO advisory in the “Information Advantage journey” of the enterprises.