Upcoming Workshops:

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 Completed Workshops:

 Text Analytics Workshop        

  • Date: June 13 (Saturday)
  • Location: Bangalore             Send Interest

  • Date: June 19-20 (Friday & Saturday)

  • Location: Bangalore             Send Interest

Intact Team Workshops:


Executive Briefing Sessions:

  • Analytics and Data Mining (Details)

  • Big Data Adoption and Architecture (Request)

Analytics, and Data Mining  Workshops:

  • Analytics and Data Mining for CRM (Details)

  • Analytics for Data Warehousing Professionals (Details)

  • Data Mining Workshop (Details)

  • Text Mining Workshop (Details)

Big Data and Hadoop Workshops:

  • Hadoop for Big Data Management workshop  (Details)

  • ETL and Hadoop in Big Data Architecture (On Request)

  • Big Data Assessment and Roadmap (On Request)

Architecture Workshops:

  • Data Warehouse Architecture workshop (Jumpstart)

  • Data Warehouse Architecture workshop (Deep-Dive workthrough)

  • Business Systems Architecture Workshop (On Request)

  • Scalable and Performance Resilient Architecture workshop (On Request)

  • Information Life Cycle Architecture workshop (On Request)

Process and technology Management Workshops:

  • Managing Business Intelligence (Details)

  • Management of Technology (Details)

  • Balanced Scorecards Methodology (On Request)

  • Master Data Management and Conformation (On Request)

Information Excellence Business Domain Workshops

  • Dimensions of Business Performance Workshop Business Audience (On Request)

  • Customer Experience Lifecycle workshop Business Audience (On Request)

  • Analytical Customer Centric Marketing Workshop (Details)

  • KPI and Business Process Excellence Workshop(On Request)


We Customize and define the workshops for you, based on the specific needs of your organization and participant profile.