Growing Data Volumes, Information Overload and Interconnected Processes (& Enterprises) are adding to the decision making challenges of today's manager.
The BI architecture is important to business leaders because it can promote — or obstruct — the launch of new processes, products, and channels. In service sectors such as banking, retail, logistics, and telecommunications, IT is the competitive differentiator. Operating with Information Excellence is not an option, but a necessity for today's young and emerging managers.
This workshop helps the “Information Systems” Managers understand the foundations of Information Architecture and effectively Managing Business Intelligence for Corporate Success.
Understanding the Changing Business Landscape

      Changing Business Context in the Information Enabled World
      Data Explosion and Information Complexity
      Customer Centric Business World
      Changing Information needs for the Business Decision Lifecycle
Managing for Success
          Project  and Program Management
·         Stakeholder Management
·         ROI and the Value proposition
·         Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Scalability
Spend Decisions
          Build vs. Buy vs. SAAS
·         Core vs. Non core decisions
·         Business Systems Architecture View
·         Manageability and Simplicity
·         Self Service and the Power User Community
Landscape Changes
          Technology landscape changes
·         Business landscape changes
·         Competitive landscape changes
·         Customer landscape changes
Technology Awareness
·         Foundation and Concepts
·         Operational agility and best practices
Being at the edge
·         Additional Learning Sources
·         Knowledge share activities
Introduction to Data Warehousing:
·         Business Decision Life Cycle
·         Technology Landscape, why DWH
·         DW Concepts and Fundamentals
·         Business Goals, KPIs and Metrics
Dimensional Modeling
·         Star Schema Introduction
·         Facts, Dimensions, SORs, MDMs
·         Modeling refresher – ER Modeling
·         Design / Modeling considerations
·         Constraints and Trade Offs
Business Entity and Dimension of Business Performance
Process and Information Lifecycle
·         Business Functions &Subject Areas
·         Process Flow Diagrams
·         Source, Target, ETL, Business Rules
·         Granularity Matrix
Data Operational Life Cycle
·         Scheduling and Reconciliation
·         Latency vs. Real time
·         Data Quality and Data Gaps
·         Interfaces and Dependencies
Effective Decision Making
·         MIS, Reports, Dashboards
·         Alerts and Exceptions
·         Drag and Drop Analysis
·         Exploratory Analysis
Case Study with the industry
·         Business Case & Goals
·         Data Understanding
·         KPIs, Metrics, ETL, Deploy
·         Reports an d Dashboards
·         Review and Refine
Case Study work-through example
Learnings from the Trenches
Real Life Scenarios and Interactive Discussion