Management of Technology for Business Success
Managing for Success
·         Dynamics of Technology Management – Birds Eye View
·         Stakeholder Management
·         ROI and the Value proposition, Measuring Success
·         Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Scalability
·         Project and Program Management
Spend Decisions
·         Build vs. Buy vs. SAAS
·         Core vs. Non core decisions
·         Business Systems Architecture View
·         Manageability and Simplicity
·         Self Service and the Power User Community
Landscape Changes
·         Technology landscape changes
·         Business landscape changes, Impacting Technology Choice
·         Competitive landscape changes, Impacting Technology Choice
·         Customer landscape changes, Impacting Technology Choice
Team work: Identify Landscape changes in a business of your choice
Risk, Compliance and Governance
·         Risk Mitigation and Management
·         Compliance Requirements
·         Ensuring Compliance
·         Governance Methodologies

Technology Landscape Awareness

·         Foundation and Concepts
·         Operational agility and best practices
·         Keeping up with the trends vs. hype cycles
·         Identifying Consolidation and End of Life Opportunities
Team work: Technology Changes in the last two years that have impacted business competitiveness, in the industry of your choice
Creating win-win partnerships and roadmap with buy-ins
·         Why Technology and IT Projects fail
·         Understanding the operational success
·         Measuring and Managing the Operational Technology
·         Understanding the competitive differentiation
·         Measuring and Managing the Differentiator Technology
·         How to create shared success, An example Roadmap
 Financials of the Technology Management
·         Capex vs. Opex, Knowing the Financial Significance
·         Depreciation vs. Replenishment
·         Technology budget as a % of Total Capex/Opex budget
·         Peer Comparison
·         Creating Product and Service Partnerships
Industry Standards: Why, How and Adoption Curve
·         Technology Industry Standards that impact the Business
·         Knowing, Evaluating and Deciding on the Relevance of the standard
·         Adoption of the Standard – When is it right for my Organization
Group Ideas Capture
·         Additional Learning Sources
·         Knowledge share activities
·         Work in groups to list the “Differentiator” in different industry segments”
·         Open Discussion and Q&A