Analytical Customer Centric Marketing

Interconnected Business World, coupled with Customer Centricity, is resulting in uncompromising demand for speed, Agility and Flexibility. The best way to put distance between the BEST (as a manager and professional) and the REST is to do an outstanding job with the information, in decision making. How one gathers, manages, and uses information will determine how successful the managers of today and tomorrow will be.

Ever wondered how many true, profitable customers you have? Wish you knew which of your products are making money and which ones aren’t? Wished you knew little more about your customers and the market trends?  Welcome to the seemingly complex world of marketing optimization. “Competing with Analytics” and “Data driven Analytical Marketing” is no longer a choice, it is a necessity in today’s information enabled world.

This workshop helps you understand the basics of Analytical Marketing, with a walk-through of the complete Analytical Marketing life cycle, case study and experiential industry case studies.

Understanding the Changing Business Landscape

  • Changing Business Context in the Information Enabled World
  • Data Explosion and Information Complexity
  • Customer Centric Business World
  • Changing Information needs for the Business Decision Lifecycle

Demand Side focus and Customer Centricity

  • Demand side focus (Push) vs. Supply side focus (Pull)
  • Customer centric decision life cycle

Introduction to Customer Life Cycle

  • Customer Life Cycle
  • Customer Life Stage
  • Lead, Prospect
  • Acquisition
  • On-boarding
  • Service experience
  • Cross Sell and Up Sell
  • Retention
  • Churn and Exit experience

Customer One View

  • Integrated One View of the Customer
  • Customer Data Points
  • Marketing and Analytical Variables
  • Tool and Technology Nuances

Data Sanity and Importance of Clean Data

  • Data Cleansing and enrichment
  • Internal Data and External Data (Competition, Market Size, Brand)
  • Macro-economic Data

Effective Decision Making

  • Alerts and Exceptions
  • Events, Triggers, Interactions & Touch-points
  • Drag and Drop Analysis
  • Exploratory Analysis
  • MIS, Reports, Dashboards

Marketing Analysis and Analytics

  • Marketing Analysis Variables
  • Customer behavior – derived and inferred
  • Events and Triggers
  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation
  • Cross Sell and Up Sell

Campaign Management Life Cycle

  • Introduction to Managed Campaign Life Cycle
  • Targets and Segmentation Trees
  • Defining Multi-Channel, Multi-Stage Campaigns
  • Automation, Scheduling and Execution
  • Track, Refine and Manage
  • Seasonal Promotions and Campaigns

Leveraging Internet and Social Marketing

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Interaction
  • Brand Building

Typical Marketing Analytical Models


Lead Scoring

Contact Strategy

Conversion and On-boarding


Segmentation and Profiling

Behavioural Score Carding

Life Time Value

Cross Sell and Up Sell

Affinity and Market Basket Analysis

    Loyalty Management


Retention score

Churn Prediction

            Modeling: Methods and Methodologies

Translating Analytics into Marketing Actions

  • Case Studies and Examples
  • Analytics with Actionable Intent
  • Defining the right KPIs and Metrics
  • Managing with Exceptions

Case Study work-through example

Learnings from the Trenches

Real Life Scenarios and Interactive Discussion