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Logical Data Warehouse - Solution Workshop

Solution Architecture Workshop with complete life cycle of Architecting LDW solutions. It showcases how Data Virtualization enables the agile LDW layer, with a full lifecycle case approach.

The workshop showcases how an agile LDW with Data Virtualization can provide the foundation for enabling the Digital Transformation and Real time Analytics in the era of distributed and disparate Big Data sources.

This workshop provides End to End Practitioner perspectives of enterprise class EDW/LDW implementations around security, performance, business user self-service, and more.

The workshop is offered in collaboration with Denodo, the leader in Data Virtualization. This one day workshop is offered as Instructor Led online workshop, with two half day sessions. The workshop coverage will include the following topics:

  • Business need for LDW in the era of Digital TransformationLDW denodo agenda
  • Practitioner perspectives of Adoption of BI in enterprises 
  • Associated Challenges in BI adoption and how to address them
  • Shifting DW Trends and SMAC impacts
  • Introduction to LDW with Architecture and Use-case perspectives
  • LDW Architecture Patterns with Business Use Cases of LDW in functions & Industries
  • Architecture building blocks, design patterns and solution architecture alternative evaluations 
  • Participant Use case scenarios, based on LDW and Digital Transformation
  • LDW Business Case solution with architecture scenarios
  • Solution Architecture Alternatives and validation approaches
  • Solution Demo with Modern Data Sources, with end to end lifecycle case

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For more information, please visit the workshop url Logical Data Warehouse - Solution Workshop or reach out through the contact us link on the workshop page or email us at info at compegence dot com